August, 14 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

The story of illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab and his fraud company Brescia Middle East

Tony Abi Saab destroyed the efforts of military forces in the war-torn countries

Tony Abi Saab has been working in favor of the opponents of the Army for many years now. He is responsible for the attrition in war-zones. Without lifting a brick, he has damaged the morale of the US troops deployed in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. This has lead to its loss in war-torn countries. They were definitely winning against terrorists but corrupt people like Tony who were supporting the violence pulled them down. Tony’s company Brescia Middle East (BME) that deals in gun and ammunition supplied weapons to terrorist groups in war regions.
The accusations on Tony are:
President of Brescia Middle East, Tony laundered money, bribed the US Corps. of Engineer and supplied weapons to illegal destinations. Tony allegedly supplied pistols and machine guns to Daesh through Turkey.
Tony along with his partner-in-crime, Raymond Azar, set up several ghost companies to dupe the US money through contracts. The names of the shell companies operated by both Tony and Raymond are K5 Global, SIMAINT, Tactica Ltd, and Bennet-Fouch, which defrauded the US military in millions of dollars.
He was accused of faking the identity of the owner of K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch. These two companies were owned by a fictitious “Sarah Lee”, which was the creation of Tony’s mind. The US court has declared that Sarah Lee is a non-existing person. Her passport submitted in the court was fake, address on it was not true, and even her photograph was not real.
His company Tactica Ltd was purchasing arms commercially and selling them in the black market to terrorist groups in Syria. Brixia, Tony’s shell company, produced spare parts for weapons and smuggled them to countries throughout the Middle East for reassembly and sales.
Tony has embezzled 5 million dollars in contract fraud in Afghanistan through his companies K5 Global. The money was laundered through Brescia Middle East using its bank accounts in Kaslik.

The avarice businessman, Tony was lured by the US Corps. of Engineer who wore a wire for the FBI to make a high profiting business deal with him in exchange for bribery money. His business partner, Raymond and his secretary, Dinorah Cobos who also happens to be Tony’s rumored girlfriend, fell into the trap of the US intelligence team and were arrested in Afghanistan in 2009. They were caught redhanded with bribe money and valuable documents. This arrest was the part of the Global sting operation which was basically orchestrated by the CIA, FBI, and the Army to expose the dirty business of Tony Abi Saab and his networks.
After a few years, Tony was caught exactly in the same way as were his business partner and his rumored girlfriend. He was immediately flown to the US court to address his crime. He wasn’t punished because of the technicality in the circuit court. He is roaming free and doing business in the Middle East and Europe.

Marc Azani