April, 24 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Illegal Arms dealers are freely trading in the war-torn countries

Corrupt businessmen are smuggling weapons to the terrorists

Tony Abi Saab for his greed of money puts thousands of lives in danger by equipping terrorists with deadly weapons. BME imports weapons to Lebanon from Italian firms—Beretta and Tanfoglio to re-route to the terrorists in Syria. The company sold Tanfoglio pistols to the LG despite knowing that some components may have been manufactured in Israel, thereby, violating Lebanese laws. Tony managed an easy export and import of contraband weapons due to his strong relationship with some of the liaison officers in Italy.

The US Army investigated companies of Tony Abi Saab and was shocked to find the bank records of BME. The extravagant amount of money debited in the bank accounts of BME from the anonymous or the non-existing companies cemented the doubt of the US investigation team. In 2011, Tony was caught red-handed from Afghanistan with valuable documents and cash and was flown to the US court to stand the trial. Sadly, Tony was well aware of the loopholes of the US justice system and pleaded human rights violation and errors in collecting the evidence against the CIA, FBI, and the US Army. He was out of the US court just by paying a small amount of money as a penalty.

BME and other companies of Tony are banned from doing business in the United States, so he is spreading his illegal business everywhere in the world except the USA. Tony has targetted Europe to be his second business place after Lebanon. It's high time for local governments to react and act on Tony's wrongdoings. His travel visa and trade license should be revoked permanently because if he continues selling weapons to the uprising rebel groups then violence will increase and terrorists will overpower the military.

Chief Editor