March, 13 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Government should cancel arms trading license of BME who is supplying weapons to rebel groups

Tony Abi Saab’s shell companies have nothing to do besides transferring arms and weapons to terror groups in the Middle East

Before ISIS and JAD, the face of Islamic fundamentalism was Al-Qaeda formed by the Taliban, they declared the beginning of their worldwide campaign of terror by delivering a major blow to the heart of US on 11th September 2001. The US retaliated by launching an invasion in Afghanistan. But after 18 years, terrorism in the world has grown more and there are a few people now support terrorism for their profit. Tony Abi Saab is one of those few people who is supplying weapons to terror groups in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Tony Abi Saab is a Lebanese national and an owner of Brescia Middle East (BME). He undertook a contract from the US Army to set up training and infrastructure projects. He did not have an intention to deliver on the project.

Tony Abi Saab bid under an alias so as to avoid detection and eventually use the money for his profit. Tony’s plan, which was successful by the help of his banker friend but soon caught the attention of the US justice department.

The FBI, which initiated the investigation with the CIA to catch Tony operated a major sting operation. Eventually, he was caught in 2011 and they shipped him to the US to stand the trial. Tony is a seasoned mastermind and fraudster immediately called for jurisdictional technicality and had his hearing moved from a Criminal court to a Civil court where he walked away with no jail term and small penalty of the money.

In such case, it is expected that the other countries should not allow him to do business in their mainland. But despite of these accusations he has a number of shell companies in Italy: ARMERIA AMELIO GAMBA Srl, INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A., Benelli Armi, franchi division, Fiocchi munizione, Armeria brignoli silvio & c snc , BLS — Germany: Umarex gmbh & co KG — France: Noble france sa — Turkey: Osmanli Arms, ISTANBUL and KONYA, KOMANDO AV SAN TIC LTD, ATA Av tufekleri — Bangladesh: Emran arms, — East Europe and Russia: Kula Ltd., Tiblisi - Georgia, LOBASTOV IVAN, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city, Russia, Arsenal, Bulgaria, MSN and CSG Group, Czech Republic, Berkut Ltd, Ukraine — Brasil: Condor.

The biggest question is that from the past few years Europe has been under the terror attacks, So why are they allowing an outsider like Tony Abi Saab to set up shell companies without even looking at his criminal records?

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