April, 05 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Terrorists are armed by business tycoon Tony Abi Saab

Ignoring corrupt businessmen and contractors is wearing down military effort in war-torn countries

Terrorism and corruption go hand in hand, they flourish and witness the downfalls together. If governments have to root out either of these serious issues then they will have to eradicate both of them. Military forces are trying their best to curb terrorism, whereas, on the other hand, the government is doing nothing to end corruption.

Business tycoons Tony Abi Saab is trading freely in Lebanon and other Middle East countries without facing any restrictions despite being accused of war crimes. He is an owner of Brescia Middle East (BME) that deals in arms and weapons illegally. He also operates his illegal business of trafficking weapons through shell companies—K5 Global, SIMAINT, Brixia, Tactica-Ltd, G2 Armory and Bennet-Fouch. He swindled 5 million dollars of the US Army in contract fraud.

The Lebanon-native Tony was caught red-handed with hard cash in a sting operation orchestrated by the US Army. He was indicted for supplying weapons to the rebel groups for profit, fraud, and bribery. His case was heard in the civil court where he got the benefit. He was freed from all the charges except the bribery charge, for which he paid a small penalty. He pleaded human rights violation and error in collecting the evidence against the CIA, FBI, and the Army.

The fraudster still procures military contracts through his shell companies and dupes the defense money. His illegal business is spread from the Middle East to Europe and Asia. Tony maintains a secret relationship with terrorist leaders and uprising rebel groups so that he can get most of the weapons and arms contracts from them. The US is trying its best to nab him again and this time to punish him with a heavy jail term.

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